Projecting and construction of E.U. Atatürk Cultural Centre started on the time of Rector Prof.Dr. Yusuf VARDAR. Prof.Dr. Necati AKGÜN, Prof.Dr. Refet SAYGILI, Prof.Dr. Ülkü BAYINDIR and Prof.Dr. Candeğer YILMAZ have contributed a lot in bringing the centre today. With the economical support of E.U. Support Foundation, E.U. Charity, General Management of the National Lottery, General Management of TC. Ziraat Bank, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and General Management of İş Bank the construction of the building completed and the opening ceremony was made in January 5,1980. Halil ORAN, Hasan YILMAZ, Remzi SERDAR, Gönül GÖKÇÜL and Nihat SABUNCULAR were the managers of the centre and since 2000 Serpil UTKU is the manager of Atatürk Cultural Centre. The centre is an important facility where both Ege University’s and Aegean and İzmir region’s scientific and artistic activities are done. The centre has two big halls; one with 652 seats and the other with 624 seats. It has a 340-seat Theatre Hall. Ege Art Hall is a hall where 100 people can attend sessions. There are also 2 seminar rooms of 40 people and large lounges where receptions can be made up to 800 people. There is also an Art Gallery where paintings, ceramic and sculpture exhibitions can be made.